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Bat Block


Bat Blocks

Bat Blocks are designed to provide a manmade roosting site for bats. Bats are a vital sign of overall ecology health and as such we need to make sure that they are not pushed out completely by development.

Bat blocks are designed to be used as an integral part of a building, in place of a standard block, as biodiversity enhancement measures.

How they work

The Bat Block is inspired by the way historically bats have nested in eaves and roof spaces, replicating this sort of lost habitat. Each Bat Block contains an inner FSC certified wooden panel for bats to cling to and they can be used as maternity or hibernation roosts depending on location. The entrance panel is designed so they can cling on when they land and grip their way up into the block, designed to be just the right size for bats but too small for predators and larger species.


Bat blocks are cast from concrete using 75% waste material from the Cornish China Clay industry.


Bat Blocks should be installed in at least 4m from ground level and should be south or west facing for summer maternity roosts or north facing for winter hibernation roosts.


Size: 215mm x 440mm x 160mm Standard UK block size.Weight: 15kg.

Contains FSC wooden panel. Has knock through so can be used to create a colony.

Currently, no certification exists for SwiftBlocks  and as such they but must be classed as a non-load bearing material.


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