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The Beepost is a development of our award winning Bee Brick. It provides a manmade nesting site to support the declining solitary bee population. ‘Britain has more than 250 bee species, but numbers have fallen dramatically due to disease, an increase in chemical use and habitat loss (Friends of the Earth 2013).

The Beepost has been created as a beautiful, freestanding solitary bee nest tower which can be incorporated into stunning architectural design and ambitious landscaping projects. Perfect for use in urban landscapes and redevelopment.



The Beepost is 2300mm tall and approximately 120mm deep and 120 mm wide. The bee nest fascia can be set at different heights within the post to provide another design element.


How it works

Each Beepost contains cavities for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Each cavity is moulded part way into the post, bees lay their eggs inside the holes and seal the entrance with mud or chewed up vegetation. The offspring emerge the following Spring and begin the cycle again.


What is new about it

We are passionate about beautiful design and have applied this to the Beeposts, meaning they will be a stunning feature in landscape design, whilst providing additional habitats for bees, potentially in urban, and other, spaces where they may otherwise have been forced out.



Beeposts are cast from concrete, using 75% waste material from the Cornish China Clay industry.


Beeposts should be positioned to face south/south east, in direct sunlight, ensuring that no vegetation covers the fascia. Posts should be set in concrete bases, in the same way as you would set a fence post. More information supplied on request.


About solitary bees

Solitary bees are harmless and will not sting you unless you squash them, and even then their stings are not painful. They are a vital part of our local biodiversity and should be encouraged and cherished, particularly by gardeners as they pollinate fruit crops. Bee populations are in decline and introducing measures now to reverse this is absolutely essential and a vital part of strategy for developers, planners and architects.


Our vision

We want to see more ingenuity being employed in development plans to introduce biodiversity into building projects around the country. We designed the Beepost as a stylish statement to complement a landscape design project and we would like to see these being utilised in more plans in the future. We are passionate about providing habitats for wildlife species but doing so in a crisp, stylish and innovative way.



The Beepost is priced at £495 for an individual post. Please contact us to discuss a multiple order.


Please note we can not send samples of the Beepost.

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