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environmental policy

As a company committed to playing a part in creating a more sustainable future we take our environmental policies seriously and we are pretty sure you do too. Because we all know that little changes can make a big difference we wanted to share with you the efforts we are making to reduce our impact here at Green&Blue.

We manufacture our range entirely within the UK, sourcing goods, materials and services, where available, in Cornwall and using local delivery agents for local and wider distribution of goods.

We contribute to the local economy, offering year round work and wages for local people and other companies, then able to live work and develop in Cornwall.

We also offer flexible working arrangements allowing our staff to avoid peak travel congestion and make more flexible travel arrangements. Including cycling and walking to work therefore reducing car miles.

The workplace is relatively local to home and employees live locally thus avoiding long travel to work miles. One staff members lives locally and cycles to work = reduced car use miles.

Both our studio and our workshop make good use of daylight to reduce the need for electric lighting. Local lighting has been installed over production areas avoiding the need for high level lighting. We use low energy lamps wherever possible.

All powered tools and equipment are switched off when not in use. PC’s are turned off and not left in standby mode.

We utilise natural ventilation provided in our workshop by a large door and this reduces energy use by not requiring dust extract systems to equipment.

We are very aware of the environmental impact of the production of cement based products and waste water by-product and we work hard to neutralise this.

Our waste/dirty water from the flushing and cleaning of the mixer and tools is held in storage tanks for licensed collection and certificated disposal. We have adequate storage to minimise collection visits and therefore reduced associated transport miles.

We collect and store rainwater from gutter and downpipes which we use for the washing and flushing of equipment, minimising the waste of valuable resources. We have set our tank(s) on plinths to use gravity to provide head rather than using electrically power pumps. Our large workshop roof area (~500sq M) will yield good quantities of grey water. We plan to trial using grey water for flushing the workshop toilet.

We compost studio food waste and cardboard/other compostable matter to recycle on the garden meaning a reduction of waste to landfill and associated transport miles.

Using aggregate based products we are aware of residual fines/dust entering landfill. We collect a large proportion of fines from mixing processes for reuse as ballast in ongoing production therefore Reducing waste to landfill and associated transport miles

We are continuing further experimentation with using fly ash, and other related by products treated as waste, within our processes thus saving further materials heading to landfill and associated transport and environmental costs. Testing is vital in order to avoid any impact on the quality of our concrete.

We plan to investigate installing PV to reduce and energy use and associated carbon emissions from the grid. We also plan to install a wood burner/boiler to reduce heating usage during the winter months and to use off cuts from processes.