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Our range has been developed to be as easy to use as possible. Whilst most wooden bee hotels need to be bought in over the winter to avoid the wood becoming water logged and damp damaging the bees, our bricks and posts are suitable to remain outside all year long.

Female bees generally tend to nest close to wherever they first emerge so there is a strong likelihood that once your brick is occupied this will be a continuous cycle. Red Mason bees generally prefer to use clean holes for nesting, whilst other types of solitary bee can be a little less fussy and will often clean the cavities out for themselves. If you need to clean the cavities in your brick or post we recommend you use a pipe cleaner. Insert the cleaner into the cavity and thoroughly brush all around the hole. The timing of this is crucial as you need the bees to have emerged and the new bees to not have started nesting. You will need to keep an eye on activity around your brick from mid March onwards to ensure you time this right.